The easiest way to measure the support user’s performance | MetaCaseDesk

The success of an organization depends on how promptly it is able to resolve the complaints raised by its customers and providing them a satisfactory experience. Here, the level of customer satisfaction is determined by the skills of the employees within the organization. And, employees’ skill in handling the issues is contingent on how much they are able to learn from their own experiences during the interactions with the customers. This, in turn, requires an appropriate feedback mechanism to keep them updated with the areas requiring improvements. And more importantly, this mechanism must be based on the precise metric.

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Six unconventional facets of a ticketing solution for an organization

Conventionally, a #TicketingSolution is understood as a system that handles issues coming internally from employees or externally from customers of an organization. But, in practice, it plays multiple roles than merely being a incident handler. Here, we will restrict ourselves to its significance for the internal work culture. Just look at a glance:

Channel of intra-organizational communication:

Often, any issue raised by an employees may be related to other business units. Here, a ticketing solution perform the assignment of the ticket to the suitable support person. This way, it acts as channel of organizational communication inside the organization.

Bridge between employees at different levels:

By connecting different employees belong to different units or unequal hierarchical levels, a ticketing solution acts as bridge between them and by-passing the conventional communication.

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Ticketing solution: A key to build strong organizational relationships | MetaCaseDesk

An organization’s success depends on how it deals with people, whether internally i.e. employees or externally i.e. customers. A good relationship with the customers is critical for the #business to grow, at the same time, a good relationship among employees is critical to keep it strong.

Both employees and customers often face various issues while interacting with the organization, which must be readily resolved and properly communicated back to them. Now, let’s see how a #TicketingSolution helps you in enhancing the customer experience. The very first interaction with your customers occurs when they face an issue after buying your products or subscribing your services, and then they want your attention in this regard

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The Ticket Life Cycle of MetaCaseDesk.

MetaCaseDesk is a Microsoft #SharePoint based case management system. It is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013.

The ticket life cycle of MetaCaseDesk begins when a new ticket is created by the user, and ends when the ticket is closed by the support team. In the process, the support team, which works on the ticket, modifies it many times.

Let’s see the ticket life cycle of MetaCaseDesk in a step-by procedure. Steps are as follows:

Step 1 User (or customer) sends request to resolve the technical issue through email/customer ticket portal. MetaCaseDesk extracts information (related to the issue) from that email, and generates a ticket.

Step 2. MetaCaseDesk sends acknowledgement email to the user, and updates ticket information in customer ticket portal. An acknowledgement email informs user that a ticket has been generated to resolve the issue.

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How tickets are auto-assigned to a support user or support team of a business unit in MetaCaseDesk.

Every large organization is required to manage a large number of internal and customer issues on the daily basis. To make ticket management easier, and resolving time faster, they create business units, and assigns tickets to these units. But, they need a separate team for managing these units, assigning tickets to them, and getting tickets resolved by them. This is the same set of problems which businesses with multiple branches have to face.

A ticketing tool is definitely a solution for these problems. But, here, an important question is that, how well a ticketing tool deal with such kind of problems? Mostly, the answer depends on how well the solution fits into the requirement of the businesses. And, here, to name a ticketing solution which solved these problems comprehensively is MetaCaseDesk.

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